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Time flies!

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Posted by: Darryl on 14/11/2012

On her last day as intern at The Spark, Sophie thinks about time and how to make the most of it.



Today is a sad one for me as it’s my last day working with The Spark team! I can’t believe how quickly these two months have gone and it’s really got me thinking about time and our attitude towards it.


For many people, at this time of year, it’s a case of not having enough time as the thought of all that Christmas shopping looms. Whilst personally, as we edge closer to the end of 2012, I can’t help but wonder ‘Where on earth has this year gone?”


Quite simply though, when you’re on the go, time passes you by! I must admit I do thrive on being busy and love the feeling that you get after having a really productive day but at the same time, I also love a good 'duvet day'. In fact, often my motivation when ploughing through all my daily tasks is the thought of being able to slob out all evening, once they’re complete.

Perhaps though, we should change the way we think about time and how we use ours, by looking at the tasks that we need to do in a more positive way. 


Obviously there are always going to be things that need doing daily, like walking the dog, making the dinner or washing up, for example. In these cases, there’s really not a lot we can do to free up some more time, aside from employing a dog walker / cook / housekeeper, that is.

Rather than viewing these things as chores then, why not consider the benefits that each brings? Walking the dog is good for you, dinner tastes great (hopefully) and washing up liquid makes your hands soft. Alright, that last one wasn’t great!


Instead of being annoyed that you missed your favourite programme last night because the dog needed a bath, try to imagine how you'd feel if you'd left it until today. I think it's safe to say that no one enjoys the feeling of having something hanging over them...or the aroma of a smelly dog either, for that matter. 


What I plan to try and do from now on, rather than fretting about running out of time, is to get those little bits done as soon as possible and then reward myself afterwards. Curling up under the duvet with a packet of biscuits and a DVD boxset is the way I would suggest celebrating productivity but that’s just me…


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Spark and when I say goodbye at the end of the day, I shall definitely be celebrating how worthwhile my time spent here has been. I’ve also left with the team with a big pile of biscuits, to reward them all their hard work, particularly in deadline week, as they do their best to insure that the upcoming winter issue of The Spark is as fabulous as ever!


Sophie x


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