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Hello from Claire

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Posted by: Darryl on 07/02/2014

The first blog entry from Claire, our latest intern

Hello you lovely people out there!


My name is Claire, the latest intern here in the Spark office. I first came into the office… oh it feels like quite a while ago now. A month maybe? Let’s say a month.


So what brought me here? Well, it’s a bit of a long story.

After 18 years of living in Germany - you might’ve guessed from my name I am actually French and only grew up in Germany – I got bored, so I went halfway across the world and lived with koalas and kangaroos for a year. But being a gap year it had to end eventually and I ended up studying journalism here in Bristol. Traffic aside, it’s a lovely place to live.


Anyone living here will agree: There’s lots to see and do when you’re new to the city. I’ve been exploring the city for over two years now. You might argue I haven’t seen everything yet. You are probably right, but I think I am doing quite well.

In my first week here I bought a walking map of Bristol and highlighted every street I’ve walked until the map was covered in pink highlighter.

This might already tell you a little about me: I am never satisfied until I finished a project. I won’t let anything rest. Everyone in the office has noticed I can be impatient and need to finish every detail of something before I am happy with it. I might have given it away when I wanted to pick up a picture personally rather than waiting for an email and Darryl laughs when I say “I can’t leave that line empty!” and start re-writing.


But back to the point: I’ve seen, visited, and experienced quite a few things around the city and my first two years flew by. Now I am in my last year of university and it’s time to seriously think about the future - a scary thought! It’s time to figure out what I want, so I’ve been trying different things, a week here a week there… and this is how I ended up here, at The Spark, writing the Ignite section for the spring issue!

After a bit of newspaper work I am now here to see what magazine work is like. When I first came into the office Darryl asked me why I was interested in The Spark and you might be wondering the same. I will give you the same response I gave Darryl a month ago: Because it’s so different. And because it’s honest.


I’ve been here for two days a week for few weeks now and I think I was right. The office is nothing like any office I was in before. Everyone tells me it’s the stress before going to print, but I don’t quite believe that yet. I don’t think you can blame the publication date for the joking, the laughter and even the hysteria at times. But then, I might still be proven wrong. I will let you know. And you can let me know if I got the hang of the honest, straightforward and light-hearted tone of The Spark when you read the Ignite section.



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