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About the Spark


Set up way back in 1993, The Spark is the UK's biggest - and most established - ethical quarterly. We print 34,000 copies an issue and have a readership well in excess of 100,000.

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Our aim is to keep our readers in touch with locally-based creative solutions for a changing world, and to help them get the best out of life.
We cover a whole range of ideas, activities and behaviours that make up personal, social and global change for the better. We’re pro-green, pro-bike and pro-gress.

We’re small and imperfectly formed (people are often gob-smacked at the size of our office). We use green electricity, low-energy light bulbs, Fairtrade coffee and many, many different types of tea-on-a-string. We share our lunch round a table and talk nicely to each other (most of the time).

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The Spark magazine is published by Blue Sax Publishing Ltd, an independent small business founded by John Dawson. The Spark is now owned by Darryl Bullock.


Uniquely, the Spark is entirely independent. We write every word ourselves and we don't promise coverage to our advertisers just because we like them or they throw bundles of cash at us. Our readers know that they can trust us. They might not always agree with us, but that's another issue!

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The Spark is printed four times a year - usually in the last week of February, May, August and November.

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