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Alex Cater


Intern / freelance writer


• How long have you been involved with The Spark?

I’ve just counted it out on my fingers; about seven months. Gosh it’s really flown by!


• What's your role at The Spark?

I am an intern here at The Spark. My principle job is compiling three months worth of the most exciting green, ethical or creative events across Sparkland and distilling them into our much loved Ignite events pages. I write emails, the occasional book review, make tea, phone calls, do filing and also double up as a delivery boy.

• What are your particular interests/strengths/focus?
I am interested in art, culture and politics but haven’t found myself devoted to any topic in particular yet. One of my strengths would be that I am never happier than when I am working hard.

• When I say I work at The Spark people say...
Ahh The Spark, The Spark’s good!

• Something that might surprise you about my job is...
One of the most difficult tasks early on was getting Becci’s tea just right. Now I think I’ve got it down (to a tee). For the information of any future interns she likes it really milky! (thanks for that Alex - Beccy)

• Something that might surprise you about The Spark is...
How nice everyone is! Other than that I’d have to say that there isn’t much that would surprise you about The Spark. The team is a disparate collection of talented and knowledgeable people, who with their combined specialist subjects cover all of the bases, from local food and politics to locating your chakras.

• I know it’s been a good day when...
Trick question! It’s always a good day working at The Spark.

• The thing I'm most proud of is...
I don’t really have a single thing I am most proud of, but seeing my name in print is very satisfying.

• Before I worked for The Spark I...
I was studying English Literature at UWE, I really enjoyed the subject, but once it was over I couldn’t look at another novel for about a year.

• When I'm not working at The Spark I...
Write, take photos (I’ve been lucky enough to have some of them go into print in a few publications) and strum a few chords on the guitar.

• What I like about (working for) The Spark is...
The atmosphere, the people, the positivity.

• How would your colleagues describe you?
Hopefully: easy going, fun and hardworking.

• If people are interested in my writing or photography skills they can contact me here: or