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Josephine Middleton


freelance writer


I am a woman of many hats – a writer, blogger, marketer, fundraiser, and single mum of two – they do say if you want something done, ask a busy person…

I have been writing for The Spark for about a year now, and would consider my particular strength to be my ability to write about anything at all. Over the last few issues I’ve investigated the mysteries of food labelling, spoken to animal healers, and even taught readers how to build their own wormery!

Being self-employed and working at home can be a lonely business, so I really value my work with The Spark – editorial meetings are always a great excuse for a day out in Bristol and a tasty lunch on the Habourside, and everyone on the team is lovely to work with.

When I’m not writing for The Spark, you might find me lurking in a café somewhere, writing my slummy single mummy blog, busy at home thinking up new and exciting ways to sell towels for Cuddledry, or roving the county helping small charities with their fundraising and marketing. On a less productive day I might just be wandering around Glastonbury looking at pretty things.