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Naomi Ross


finance worker

• How long have you been involved with The Spark?

Since June 2010

• What's your role at The Spark?


• What are your particular interests/strengths/focus?

Love finance, I'm a finisher; I like to get the job done, v good organiser

• When I say I work at The Spark people say...

You're so lucky I have heard that the team down there are a great bunch!

• I know its been a good day when...

All the team are laughing and cracking jokes and I'm smiling

• The thing I'm most proud of is...

I'm most proud of my two children, Troy and Dalton, lovely boys

• Before I worked for The Spark...

I was a full-time mum at home looking after my youngest child - v busy!

• When I'm not working at The Spark...

I work two days a week for a local community centre, doing finance

• What I like about working for The Spark is...

The spark team are great, very welcoming and warm group of people and brilliant to work with. We have a laugh but the work always gets done and every part of the team are really professional

• How would your colleagues describe you?

I don't know really, I'm only in one day a week. I'm bright and chirpy, but at the same time very quiet beavering away at my desk. I'm a nice girl!