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Vicki West




I've been involved with the Spark for over 5 years now. I've worked in publishing for quite a long time as a writer, sub-editor and editor but the Spark is my longest standing publishing job and by far the one that is closest to my heart!

My job as editor here means that I am in charge of overseeing and commissioning the editorial, co-ordinating (and finding) freelance writers, feeding ideas to them, researching stories and deciding how we will cover them, and co-ordinating office brainstorms on editorial content. I get copy onto the page, liase with our designer over how to lay it out, and then proofread the final pages so they are ready to be published. This means fact checking, grammar checking, legal checks and as well as style, tone and content checking.

I am interested in communication and language of all kinds, both verbal, non-verbal and written. I love languages and try to practise my rusty French and Spanish if I'm ever travelling. I teach English one morning a week at Bristol Refugee Rights in Easton, where I live.

I'm also interested in communication via physical work. I explored dance movement therapy a little bit many years ago, (amazing!) and I did a course in Contact Improvisation last year. Three years ago I did a diploma at Circomedia in Bristol. Going to circus school fulfilled a childhood dream for me! I'd always wanted to be in a proper stage show, so to perform at the Bristol Old Vic and at Glastonbury was pretty special. I then did Circomedia's teacher training course, and since then have taught basic level circus skills for them, both at private adult evening classes, and in the community. I work for an agency doing stilt-walking, rollerskating, and living statue performance work from time to time (although not now because I'm pregnant!).I swing a bit of fire for fun, and I also work as a life model for various art classes.

My big loves are dancing, Yoga, swimming (at the Lido or in the sea!). I used to keep rats and can highly recommend them! I surf occasionally (badly). I play netball, love to run, cycle. I love going off in my van to remote, lovely places with my partner Toby, I like pottering down the allotment. I feel passionately about environmental issues, and hope one day to self-build a straw bale house in a low impact, co-housing community somewhere in the beautiful West country. And to keep working for the Spark: it represents a great community of very talented, inspiring people...

If you want to contact me for professional purposes, please email me at