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Will Simpson


freelance writer


How long have you been involved with the Spark?

About three years now, although I did do a bit of writing for the mag in the early Naughties..

What’s your role at the Spark?

I do the odd bit of writing on the Social Change page.

When I say I write for the Spark people say...

“Ooh that’s interesting. I read a piece about such and such in it the other day.”

What are your particular interests / strengths/ focus?

I’m obsessed with sport, in particular football. And pop music.

Something that might surprise you about my job is...

Contrary to the popular opinion, most journalists (at least the ones I know ) are interested in positive stories about people. We even actively go out of our way to make people appear more articulate than they often are in the flesh too..

I know it’s been a good day when...

I keep notebooks. And when I’ve ticked off more than half of the things I have to do on a particular day I know it’s been a good one.

The thing I’m most proud of is....

Doesn’t pride come before a fall? I am proud of some things but I’d rather not share that information with a public audience for fear that post-disclosure things might fall apart.

When I’m not working for the Spark I’m...

Working for other magazines, writing about music, the environment for, well, anyone who’ll have me..

What I like about working for the Spark is...

Meeting ordinary people, many of whom have done extraordinary things.

How would people describe you?

You better ask them.


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