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Real quotes from real Spark advertisers


“Dear Wonderful Team at Spark, Thank you, as always ... for running such a brilliant magazine so cheerfully. Inspirational.” RP


“Thank you for your outstanding service.” GE


"Thanks for the latest clear and useful advertising info.” CP


“Of course I want to rebook! Its my best ad!” NP


“Our ad has generated an enormous amount of interest, including the media - we even had to turn down a documentary team recently who’d found us through The Spark, because we didn’t have time for them! The Spark has served us brilliantly and we’re loathe to finish advertising but we’re so busy now. Thank you for your support.“ HB


“Thank you so much for the ad in The Spark, in fact I got too many people and I’ve had to put on another class - now I’ve got two classes worth. I’m still getting calls! Its fantastic!” WT


“I was very pleased with the response. The Spark obviously stays around from August to October. I was still getting calls in October and I definitely got real clients.” JR


“The work of the plumber is filled with lulls and highs but since putting my ad in The Spark I have filled my lulls. Spark customers are quality customers.” GT


“We’ve had an amazing response - since our ad appeared there’s been 25 new members of the Tiffin Club every night! The response was so overwhelming we ran out of tiffin tins! Thank you Spark Team!” Thali Shop


“I’ve done quite a lot of local advertising and The Spark has generated by far the most interest.  A lot of people definitely read and use The Spark!” KP


“We get the best and most earnest response from The Spark and we advertise in 5 different publications.” AM


“The Spark provides the best response for regional advertising and we have gradually built up quite a presence among the readership.  The ad sales team provide an efficient and friendly service. There is nothing like The Spark in the Stroud area or anywhere else that I know of. The positive approach to life, learning, health and the environment match those of Hawkwood and we appreciate the interest The Spark takes in all that goes on here. Thank you for all you do.”  Katie Lloyd, Hawkwood College


“Thanks to the Spark for being a brilliant medium for us.” KL


“(I have to withdraw my ad) because I have an overload of clients all due to the spark.” RP


“I’ve no idea how such a small number of you make such a big paper, but congratulations!” JH


“We have spent a small fortune on advertising and the only magazine that’s worked for us is The Spark.” JC


“Thank you for being so attentive and professional in ringing around to check the tel nos are correct. Not many publishing houses do that - it shows you really do care about what you do!” WM


“I appreciate very much your gentle cajoling and good humour... meanwhile thanks for your support and I hope to meet you some day.” EM


“I send you my best wishes as well, for The Spark has worked well for me and has felt right to use - as an ethical paper, with good motives, material, contributors and instincts. I hope you continue to prosper.” JK, on moving away from the area


“You reach the people who are interested in what I offer. (I like) its range and its attitudes, the way you check the details prior to publication.”  GM


“Friendly, helpful & understanding - makes a big difference. Its great by me. Great reference point for finding practitioners.” MG


“(I like) the whole concept of care.” RG


“Reaches the right people more quickly, It has a wide distribution, it attracts the people who are interested in their own well-being and that of others.” SG


“I like being attached to it, it seems important. I think it is such a good service for Bristol. Long may it continue. Thank you for all your continued hard work.” DH


“Keep stating your truth! I like the covers, size, editorials, standard of writing, ethos & overall direction.” GS


“Thanks to the Spark team for a great publication.” JN


“Thanks for your support and your magazine now brings my business 50% of its new clients. This is a far higher return for investment than any other form of advertising I have experienced in the past. Excellent.” AD


“I’m seriously impressed with The Spark. It yields actual, real clients unlike a lot of people and it’s really nice to have it around as well. So congratulations! I can’t believe that you’re such a small number doing it.” JH

"The ad has been brilliant.” PS


"Thanks very much - we really do like The Spark and encourage people to take a copy - we get through 250 issues each time - there’s something in there for everyone.. and I like the way John comes round and delivers the magazines. Do quote me on that!’ MM


“Thanks very much for the advertising. It's brought me plenty of work in the last two issues - excellent value!” CS


“Definitely The Spark is the most effective advertising for my classes.” BR


“Just like to say that the first advert was a resounding success, we have virtually a complete range of practitioners. Hoping we are just as successful with potential clients. Thanks.” SB


“I would like to continue advertising in The Spark, it is a great publication, so just let me know when the time comes.” SH


“Many thanks for all your help with this, we’ve got a good lot of bookings through you.” EJ


“Many thanks for reminding me. You are such a good team to do things with…. thanks for all your trouble - you are a unique outfit in the care you take of your advertisers etc. Others could learn a lot!” AR


"The ad has already brought results - I have new work from it already." CS


“I would like to thank you for your service, in particular your advice about the wording of the ad. It did generate a fair amount of business and good clients.” GC


“(your designer) really did go above and beyond what we expected - really pushed the boat out. We're extremely grateful. Thank you.' SR


“I know that regular shoppers … always look forward to the arrival of 'The Spark' and I will often get asked when the next issue is due. It is also interesting to get occasional feedback from visitors who wish they had a similar publication in their area.” AD


“As usual we are delighted with the response from The Spark and look forward to sending you a revised proof'. Anon


“As we have been receiving good responses through your magazine, we would like to carry it on for 4 issues.” MF


"It works like a charm." BS


“Thanks. Have just booked on-line. GREAT website booking system.” BW


“Great stuff – I am very impressed by your efficiency (as a first time advertiser).” TM


“May I say that I have had excellent response over the last year and am very pleased to maintain my position in your publication.” GS

and a year later..

“Please find enclosed payment for 1 year’s advertising. As usual, excellent service and excellent results. Many thanks.” GS, again


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