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A word of caution

Please be careful when buying advertising from companies you don't know.

Some of our advertisers have received phone calls from businesses claiming to sell advertising when the publication doesn’t exist, only appears online, or only prints a tiny amount of the copies they claim to. The caller may offer you deals which seem ‘too good to be true.’ This is because they probably are!

Whilst we cannot make a judgment about the legitimacy of every company that calls you we strongly suggest that you do not buy advertising from a company you have not heard of before without checking them out for yourself independently first.

Here are some tips:

• ask to have a physical copy of the publication sent to you by post - so you can judge it’s quality, content & whether you want your ad to appear in it, as well as whether it actually exists

do your own independent search via the yellow pages or online (don’t just follow a link they give you, search for them yourself)

ask how many copies they print & where and how they are distributed

• If you DO buy an ad don’t pay over the phone there and then – have an invoice sent to you and check the details on the invoice. Scammers have also been known to take money from your account without your permission once you have given your payment info. At The Spark we DO NOT keep your card details, which is why we ask you for them again every time you make a payment with us. NEVER give your PIN number to anyone.

• Use your instincts and trust your gut! If you’ve got a bad feeling or feel uncomfortable about a call don’t be talked into anything, however pushy the caller may be. It’s OK to say you will go away and think about it and end the call.

• Please be reassured that we NEVER share or pass on your details to any advertising agency or magazine or anyone at all – if someone tells you we have passed your information on to them this is absolutely not true – they may have seen your advert in our magazine or on our website and got your contact info from that.

Thanks for reading.

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