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Signpost ads are great if:

•  you have an advert that could go in more than one section

• you want to highlight what you do in more than one place

• you want to keep your costs down

Signpost ads are only £10 an issue, no Early Bird or 4 issue discount - just a straightforward price per issue


Signpost ad criteria


• you must already have booked a listing ad or an event ad

• your signpost must refer to the section that you already have an ad in

• if you book a listings ad online you can add a signpost once the main ad is booked

• The format of the signpost ad is:
line one: 4 words maximum in bold
line two: 5 words maximum
line three: section reference




a couple of examples...

• Dance Voice have a Header 110 ad in the Dance Section, where they advertise their Dance Movement Therapy training courses. Dance is a good section for their ad to be in because people interested in dance will look there. But Training would also be a good section because people looking for for inspiring training opportunities will be looking there.

So Dance Voice placed a Signpost in the Training section, and this is what it looked like:




• Hannya practices psychotherapy in Bristol and Stroud. She has a 30 max ad in Counselling & Psychotherapy, in the Bristol subsection. But she also wanted to make sure she didn't miss any potential clients who were looking for a therapist in Stroud.

So she placed a signpost ad in the C&P Stroud section, which looked like this:






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