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Marketplace ads


Do you remember the old comics with ads at the back for X-ray specs, Venus fly traps and whoopee cushions?

Our publisher John had a vision - he thought we could re-create that fun, quirky vibe with interesting ads for specialist or unusual and innovative shops and products that would make our readers look twice. So marketplace was born!


• mini display boxes from less than £100

• you have total creative control over the content of your box*

• don’t get lost in listings - eye-catching and in full colour

• our dedicated space for you to advertise goods and products, shops, mail order catalogues or websites


Marketplace box

60mm high x 62mm wide • early bird £96 • standard £120

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Marketplace double box

128mm high x 62mm wide • early bird £168 • standard £195

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(prices include VAT)


* or we can design your ad – you supply the words / graphics / pictures and we’ll do the magic! From only £30



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