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Online-only ads


As a service to our advertisers we are now offering you the option to buy online-only Event and Classified by-the-word ads.
These ads only go on our website, not in the magazine, and stay online for 6 weeks maximum.


This service is primarily aimed at

• Events that have short lead-in times or have missed our magazine deadline


• Classified ads that have short turnarounds, such as jobs with deadlines, accommodation wanted/to let, etc that need quicker replies than our quarterly publishing allows.


These ads can only be booked online via the website – we cannot process these ads in the office/over the phone.


Online-only ads are not designed to replace an ad in the magazine – after all when you buy an ad in the mag it goes online for free anyway – you get double-whammy – so why miss out if you don’t need to?


Because of the short-term nature of these ads you can only buy them within our magazine deadlines – this means if the event or deadline you are using falls after the next magazine comes out we’ll ask you to take an ad in the magazine instead.



Help with booking


Online-only Event & Classified by-the-word ads cost 90p per word.

Email and/or website addressees count as 4 words each.

We do not offer live weblinks.


Event ads


When booking you have 3 options


• Event on one date only – only insert the date in the first box provided & ignore the ‘End Date’ box. Your advert will be taken down once this date has passed, or after six weeks, whichever is earlier.


• Event covering more than one date – please insert the first date in the ‘Date’ box and the last date in the ‘End Date’ box. Your advert will be taken down once the End Date has passed, or after six weeks, whichever is earlier.


• Regular or ongoing events (for instance if your event is once every week or once a month) – please skip the Date boxes and just use the ‘Day’ box to type in the day of your event (eg Mondays, last Sunday), then also click the ‘ongoing’ section below. Your ad will be taken down after 6 weeks.


Classified ads


Classified ads are only for ads that fit into one of these sections:


• accommodation offered

• accommodation wanted

• for sale

• lost and found

• jobs

• match

• noticeboard

• research

• wanted


There is the option to add a date – for example for a job deadline, or date by which a tenant needs to be found. The advert will be taken down after this date.


If you do not need a date in your ad please just leave the date box blank. Your ad will stay up for 6 weeks.


Ads for therapists, practitioners or trades people offering treatments or services DO NOT qualify to go in the classified section.

If you are a therapist, practitioner or trades person and/or offering a service please take an ad in LISTINGS. We do not currently offer online-only listings ads.



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