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Spark deadlines

We have 2 deadlines every issue. Click here to see the next few deadlines


Early bird deadline

Adverts are cheaper if you hit the early bird deadline

To get the early bird price we need your advert AND your payment by the early bird deadline


(there are other ways to get your ad at a cheaper price – click for information on repeat ads and paying for your ad by standing order)


After early bird you pay the standard price for your ad


Final deadline

Final deadline is the last date you can book an ad for the next issue *



Early bird is good for us because it keeps our workflow and cashflow, well.. flowing.


It means we don’t have one enormous dollop of work to do at final deadline (although it doesn’t seem to stop us getting very busy at deadline time!)


Early bird is good for you because you get a great price for your ad and our full attention – the earlier your ad arrives the calmer we are!


* to be honest we do sometimes extend final deadline by a day or two, and once in a while we’ll accept an ad after final deadline, but we call these ads LATES – they don’t get proof read, we’re a bit rushed, and we can’t take responsibility for anything that goes wrong (though it seldom does)


You cannot book ads online after the final deadline – after that date you’ll have to ring us to see if we can squeeze you in – 0117 914 34 34



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