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Why can’t I have the line returns I want?

Why can't I have my bullet points on new lines?


Why might my ad look different in the mag and on the website?


Ads get put into the mag in a specific order – the sections are alphabetical, and within the sections header ads are followed by max ads, all alphabetically as well.


This is so our readers can find the sections they want, and our advertisers understand that our system is fair and open.


When we’re laying out the listings in the mag, at the start of the process ads are often split over a column or even over a page. Obviously no-one would want their ad to be split so we work on the spacing until there is not a single ad left in the magazine that’s split.


We also try very hard to make sure that emails, websites, telephone numbers and even individual words are not split over lines and that bullet points don’t appear on the end of a line.


Sometimes we add spaces at the end of columns so ads move up to the top of the next one, or across to the next page. However the space we have is limited so sometimes we have to shuffle everyone’s ad up, just a tad, to squeeze out a little drop of extra space, for the greater good!


It’s a pain-staking task done by a real person – not an automated process – and even though it’s something we take great pride in we CANNOT GUARANTEE that your ad will not be split over a column or a page, or that a word, email or website will never be split, and we DO NOT give refunds if this happens.


So that’s why we may sometimes cut a line return here or there, and that’s why we can’t promise your ad will look exactly the same in the mag, on your proof and on the website.


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