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Classified ads

The classified section is for small ads that fit into the following sections:

• accommodation offered

• accommodation wanted

• for sale

• lost & found

• jobs

• noticeboard

• wanted


** If you are a practitioner or trades person and/or offering a service you need to book a LISTINGS advert.

Ads for practitioners/trades people offering treatments or services DO NOT go in classified. We will move any ads that are not booked in the appropriate place and the price will be adjusted accordingly **


Classifed ads include ads by-the-word and classifed boxes


Classified ads by-the-word (lineage)

• 90p per word

• up to 5 words bold title

• contact details at the bottom in bold

• website / email address counted as 4 words each

• no words in CAPITALS, underlined or in italics

• bullet points run on after each other • not on new lines

• optional disability access code free of charge



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