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Header 150

• early bird £123, standard £149, 4 issue booking £447

• 150 words maximum

• header contains your title and/or logo/graphic

• contact details at the bottom in bold

• option to have up to 15 words within your text in bold or italics

• website / email address count as 4 words each 

• no words in CAPITALS or underlined

• bullet points run on after each other • not on new lines  why?

• optional disability access code free of charge

• you’ll be asked to chose a section for your ad – click here for a list of sections

• the examples below are H110s – but are exactly the same style apart from the number of words

nb: our header size has (almost imperceptibly) changed:
• the Header in a Header ad is now 25mm high x 62mm wide 

Our listings ad sample pages will be updated soon, but all other info below is still correct.



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