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Our advertorial policy


Advertorial is editorial that has been paid for.


We think advertorial means you cannot trust what you are reading to be open and unbiased.


So we NEVER sell advertorial.

And we NEVER promise to give editorial to someone because they are buying an advert.

And we make it clear in the magazine what is advertising and what is editorial.


If you’re reading something in The Spark its because we think its good, or interesting, or relevant, or something we think our readers might want to know about. Not because the space has been bought.


However, once we’ve written our editorial we do sometimes then let that organisation or person know they will be appearing in the magazine, and ask them if they would like to consider advertising with us. If they say no that’s fine, the editorial stays in. And if they say yes, then all to the good. After all without our advertisers The Spark wouldn’t exist.


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