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Paying for your ad by standing order


If you’d like to


• make smaller, regular, monthly payments towards your ad

• always get the early bird price

• advertise for a year or longer


then standing orders are for you.

You’ll get a proof every issue & can change your ad within the normal deadlines.


With a standing order you’re always in charge of your payments – you set it up (with our help) and you cancel it – we never have access to your bank account (unlike direct debits).


Click here for standing order prices

If you’d like more info or would like to set up a standing order send us a message



Some more info on standing orders..


• standing orders can be a little fiddly for us to administer – that’s why we ask that you take out your standing order for a minimum of 12 months – and we do charge an admin fee if you cancel within the first year. And because you’re in charge, when the time comes, it is YOUR responsibility to cancel the arrangement.


• please note! You cannot pay for a 4 issue booking by standing order. The 4 issue deal is for an upfront one-off payment. Standing orders are the next best thing – the early bird price spread thinly into manageable month-by-month payments.


• all ads in The Spark are paid for before we go to print – and that includes ads paid for by standing order. So we’ll need 3 standing order payments to be made before the mag comes out. Therefore we have 4 regular ‘start dates’ during the year:


for ads in the spring issue payments start in December

for ads in the summer issue payments start in March

for ads in the autumn issue payments start in June

for ads in the winter issue payments start in September


If you miss a start date we’ll ask you to either


• catch up the missed payment/s with a cheque/card payment
• Pay the one-off early bird amount for the coming issue and start the standing order next issue


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