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Standing order prices

All prices include VAT.
If you're a charity or otherwise VAT exempt ask us for the non-VAT prices.


Listings ads

(60max ads are the smallest listings ads you can pay for by standing order, unless you have multiple ads. If this is your plan please get in touch and we’ll give you prices for 15max and 30max ads)


Listings ads by standing order


15max            £7 per month

30max            £12 per month

60max            £19 per month

90max            £28 per month

header 110     £33 per month

header 130     £38 per month

header 150     £41 per month

header 200     £53 per month

half page        £165 per month

page               £297 per month


Display ad prices by standing order


mono eighth                  £75 per month

colour eighth                 £102 per month


mono quarter                £115 per month

colour quarter               £145 per month


mono half                      £180 per month

colour half                     £230 per month


mono page                     £310 per month

colour page                    £370 per month


marketplace box            £32 per month

marketplace double       £56 per month


event box                      £29 per month

event box medium         £36 per month

event box large             £48 per month


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