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Repeat ads

also known as ‘4 issue bookings’


Repeat ads are the very cheapest way of getting an advert in The Spark


Make a one-off payment for a year’s worth of listings advertising and you get 4 ads for the price of 3 (at standard price)


So you make one booking and get peace of mind knowing that your ad will appear in The Spark for the next year - without you having to worry about remembering deadlines or making additional payments


But! You’re not stuck with the same ad if you don’t want to be. We’ll send you a proof each time so you can change your words, change your section, or even upgrade to a bigger ad for just one issue or the rest of your series


At the end of your 4 issue booking we’ll even call you to let you know you’ve reached the end of your series, to see if you want to take advantage of our super 4 issue deal for another year


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Because of the excellent savings on a 4 issue booking we cannot (except in exceptional circumstances) refund money if you decide not to complete your series


Why repeat my ad more than once?


Repeat ads aren’t just great value for money. Advertising and repetition go hand in hand


Readers are more likely to contact an advertiser they are familiar with. By repetition you establish you are not a fly-by-night concern. When they’ve ‘seen your name around’ (in the mag) people will feel they ‘know who you are’


This is especially true if the service you’re advertising targets clients who may feel nervous, anxious, or approaching you about an issue which for them is sensitive or personal. They may keep looking at your ad every issue for a year until they build up the confidence to approach you


You will build your reputation through repetition. Think about those old trusted advertising slogans - “Beanz Meanz Heinz” or “Its good to talk” - we only know them because we’ve heard them many times. Luckily The Spark has a great reputation – we have many regular readers who view us with fondness, trust and respect - built on our 17 years of publishing, our ethical stance and our no advertorial policy – repeating your ad in our magazine means a little bit of that could rub off on you!


So whatever you decide to spend on your marketing we’d suggest you’re better off spreading your ads over the year, rather than splurging on one bigger ad that you do only once.

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