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Lunch at the Spark

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Posted by: Darryl on 06/07/2011

Liam spends his first day here at the office and has a lovely lunch

Hey everyone, Liam here. The newest member of the Spark team, well, only on a temporary basis, so don’t get too jealous. I’m a journalism student and have been travelling round, getting as much experience as possible.

To get here at the Spark, and for everything else I have done for that matter, involves that old fashion thing, a letter. It is surprising how you can send a company an email and they will just delete it. But send them a letter and they not only open it, but also read it.

For work experience I have done most things there are. ITV, Heart Radio, Bristol Evening Post, the Bath Chronicle and SFX magazine are all in there. so the Spark is the independent magazine I have worked for and it is good to see how it works differently to the bigger organisations.

It is safe to say, after all that, that I have done my fair share. But the Spark has managed to throw something new at me. And not in the form you might expect.

Every other place I have worked at, whether it was work experience or just a normal job, the same thing always happens. Lunchtime hits and everybody goes their separate ways.

But the Spark walks the walk and talks the talk. It follows its own views and beliefs, now that is a first. The magazine has a strong sense of community and really promotes healthy, organic living.

So when they do lunch, they do it together.

All the members of the team gather round a table and have a bit of a buffet. Now this was a little bit odd to begin with for me. I am one of the people who is used to running off.

Sometimes people go out for lunch so they can get away from people in the office. It’s like that saying of don’t work with someone you live with, as it could easily be too much time together.

Everyone here however, does just that. Well, they don’t live with each other, but for three days a week, they spend a lot of time together.

And you know what? It works. They all get on at a level where this is just easy. There is always something to talk about and when Riverford are providing such a wonderful spread, well, let’s just say it goes down pretty nicely.

They really do pull out all the stops. Each week they deliver cheese, ham, chutney, bread and veg, to name just a handful of things in the box.

This week there were even some onions. Not too sure about that though. Maybe they were thinking cheese and onion on a stick, kind of like crisps, just a lot healthier.

One other thing about working at the Spark, especially if you are my age, is that you will hear so much music you didn’t even know existed. Real retro songs. I don’t even know where it all comes from. They may own a time machine, it’s unclear.

They do like a good sing along as well. Darryl is recording a record next week. Keep your ears open for that.

Re: news-blog

Posted by: Kristina - 13/07/2011

Hey Liam, Loving the blog post! That's brought back memories of my time at Spark as an intern - good times :-). Enjoy your time with the Sparkies - there's no-one else quite like 'em! Kristina

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