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My time runs out

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Posted by: Darryl on 20/07/2011

Liam's time as an intern on work experience comes to an end.

Hello, Liam here again. This will be my last entry onto this blog as this is, sadly, my last day. And how does the Spark and my experience here compare to other publications I have worked for?

Two days a week for three weeks, I have been here in the office, working as one of the team, producing content for the magazine, completing research and a few other bits and bobs.

There are more than a few ways it differs from other publications though. Firstly, and something I have already commented on, is the lunchtime community they have here. Everyone just sits and eats together. Even from my normal jobs in retail this seemed very weird but after experiencing it, it was just another part of the day and didn’t seem weird at all.

Nobody here seems to leave the office, at least not for work purposes anyway. Everywhere else I have been people, and me on some occasions, were always darting in and out of the offices. This might have been to get interviews or just cover stories in general. But here, they have freelance writers doing that type of thing and anything they write doesn’t require them to really leave the office.

Don’t get me wrong; they aren’t saying I can’t leave the office. In fact they push me a little too leave for a bit rather than just being sat in front of a computer screen all day but I’m used to it now anyway.

The main difference between here and other places though, is just how laid back it is. There is no sense of urgency or ‘let’s get this done now’. You can just go along at your own pace. This is probably due to the fact it is only published 4 times a year.

This is the first publication I have worked on that is so spread out. Everywhere else was either daily, weekly or monthly. Their deadlines always came a lot quicker and you felt more of a need to get it done right away. Here it is more leisurely, go at your own pace, kind of thing.

It has been a really good experience working here. I have gained a few new by lines and also a fair bit of experience about how the more independent magazines work. I will miss the team here, but as I mentioned in my last post, not the music. Thank God for earphones….

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