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Introducing our new intern

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Posted by: Beccy on 08/02/2012

Juna shares a hippy pic & tales of slow trips

Hello from the newest member of the Spark! There are quite a few of us interns on this blog and I wouldn’t want to risk being lost in the crowd, so here’s an extra special image for you to remember me by:

My name’s Juna and that’s real head hair and a fake moustache.

I’m originally from California, so if you ring up the office and someone with an odd accent answers, don’t fret. The Spark hasn’t outsourced its receptionist jobs – it’s just the West Coast surfer-speak mixed with West Country twang that I have and I do apologise if it’s difficult to understand me.

I’ve been busy working on the events section for the upcoming magazine (shameless plug: Ignite is awesome this edition! Your diary will thank you.) and getting used to the office dynamics. Luckily,  those community lunches I’m sure you’ve read about are keeping my belly full and fingers typing.

In fact, today at lunch, the Spark’s editor Vicky asked, ‘What made you decide to move to England?’

Well, the short answer is that I moved here because I wanted to travel and I thought it would be easier to do that from a base in England rather than Los Angeles. The bad news is that my funds are more limited than I originally planned – alas, education in the 21st century! – but the good news is that I’ve been introduced in a very real way to the concept of slow travel.

Slow travel is just what it sounds like: it takes the rush out of getting from one place to another and typically involves cycling and walking instead of air travel. It’s as green as you’d imagine and perfect for someone like me, with – ahem – small pockets and big dreams.

When I first moved to England, I had images in my head of weekend jaunts to Portugal, mountain climbing in Switzerland and maybe even a road trip around Morocco. Well, those plans haven’t quite manifested but slow travel has taken me all around UK, most of the time to places I would have never expected.

There was Easter vacation in Fivemiletown, Northern Ireland, where I met a farmer that had nursed a chicken back to health with paracetamol and a cow back to health with Guinness.

There was winter on Glastonbury Tor where I saw a talk on physical geography next to a circle of colourful chanters.

And there was also beautiful Llanbedr, Wales. Nearest waterfall: two minute walk. Nearest shop: two hours.

If you’re interested in slow travel, I’ve got great news: you can start right this second by walking outside the door.

What are some unexpected places you’ve ended up?

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