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Jan Day

• Telephone coaching for singles & couples • Introductory & advanced workshops on intimacy, sexuality & self-love • Comprehensive 18-month tantra training starts May each year • Meetings Without Masks - one day workshops for singles

On Living Tantra workshops "Finding Jan and this work is like discovering a diamond in the coalmine of life" Tom S On Meetings Without Masks "Previous dating events have focused on finding a man, not finding out who you are as a person. It is really quite refreshing and different." Tania Ahsan, editor Kindred Spirit



Jan Day

Living Tantra & Meetings Without Masks

Jan Day is a relationship expert, telephone coach, tantra teacher and she also runs one day singles workshops - Meetings Without Masks - where participants meet in a more connected way than speed-dating. Jan's distinctive qualities are her extraordinary compassion, warmth and sensitivity.

Having trained for 15 years with Art of Being founder, Alan Lowen, in Europe and Hawaii, as well as being a CTA certified coach, Jan brings great joy to this endeavour of what it is to be human - all our vulnerabilities as well as our fun-loving traits. – and encourages us to be everything, yes, everything that we are as human beings She knows exactly how important it is, to be seen for everything that we are.

As a tantra teacher, Jan holds a wonderfully safe space where participants are supported to declare their passionate longings but also to express the profoundly raw feelings that often emerge around sexuality. "I want people to celebrate themselves as gorgeous sexual human beings," she says, "and I use my own experiences from a difficult divorce to a now happy marriage as my foundation for this work."

On Meetings Without Masks
"It's a radical idea creating situations where single men and women can meet in a way that invites talking from the heart, sharing vulnerability, and self-disclosure. Instead of pretending to be something you are not, you are invited to show more of yourself, and therefore - and this is the key - be more at ease with yourself, and consequently with others whether it be men or women."
OMYoga magazine 2011

On Jan Day
"Jan is a very able facilitator who has worked long and hard to hone her compassionate craft."
Malcolm Stern, psychotherapist and author of Courage To Love


Jan Day

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