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I recently went on a quest to track down natural skincare products for my family, after doing a course at the Single Parents’ Action Network (SPAN). We were taught the benefits of using natural and essential oils on our family’s skin, and I was shocked to discover how many nasty chemicals were in many off-the-shelf products. I went home and threw out all my baby skincare products and replaced them with natural oils for my children (my sons are 2 and 10).

My plan was to find different products that passed my new, tough criteria. I focussed on three types of products: acne treatment, body wash and moisturiser.I wanted products that were suitable for me and my children and my criteria were (a) the product is made and available in the UK; (b) neither the finished product or its ingredients are tested on animals; (c) the product contains no parabens, colourants, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or phthalates.

I approached over 100 companies, after searching in Bristol shops and online for brands that fitted the bill, searching distributers’ websites, specific brand sites and using search engines to find sites with keywords that matched my criteria. Some companies didn’t respond, so what follows is my experience of the products I was able to source. I have tested 31 products from 20 companies, for seven days each.

We hope the results inspire inspire you to find more natural skincare products and we're interested in hearing your experiences of products which fit our criteria. If you want to share info on your favourite skincare products, please email with the details and we'll check 'em out!


ACNE treatment

Perfect Pores (Angela Langford, , £26.55, 30ml
It smells great, like lemon sherbert. Slimy texture, don’t need to use too much.Definitely had less spots after using this and spots that came up went very quickly, without any blemishes.




Power Berry Facial Mask (Neal’s Yard Remedies, £24.50, 50g
Smells good enough to eat, like bubble gum. It is a good texture, makes skin feel warm once applied and washes off easily, and made my skin feel supple and moisturised.


Oily Skin Exfoliating & Toning Mask (The Herbjar, £19.95, 135g,
This is a great product it is in a powder form, all you need to do is add water, mix and apply to your face. My face felt clean and refreshed, this is a very effective mask.


Bamboo & Pumice Exfoliant (Raw Gaia, £20.99, 120ml gentle on the skin but effective, makes skin feel clean and revitalised.
(The Vegan Society Certified and BUAV Certified).


Rhassoul Lava & Green Clay Detox face scrub (Organic Botanics, £12.11, 60ml,
This product is in powder form, you need to add water and mix. My face felt smooth and refreshed after using.


Geranium & Thistle Combination Cream, (Pai Skincare, £24.00, 30ml,
This cream has nice subtle smell, good texture. Felt light on my skin and dissolved into skin very quickly.
(Soil Association Certified).


Oy Foaming Anti-bac Face Wash, (The Green People, £11.95, 100ml,
Made skin feel soft after washing off, clean and fresh feel.
(Vegan Society Certified and Social Association Certified).


Face Cleansing Balm (Rawganic, £5.00, 35ml,,)
Great smell, cleanser different as made with shea butter. Face felt so soft andmoisturised once washed off.
(Soil Association Certified and Vegetarian Society Certified).




Aknedoron Cleansing Lotion, (Weleda, £7.50, 100ml,
Easy to use, slight medicinal smell, skin feels clean and soothed after using.


Avocado & Tea tree soap, (Trevarno, £3.00, 75g soap, good smell and has rich texture, made skin feel very soft.
(Organic Farmers & Growers Certified).


Body Wash

Weleda’s Calendula Baby Shampoo & Body wash. We've made an exception in this article for Weleda because they are world leaders (and long-time pioneers) of natural cosmetics. Though this particular product is manufactured in Weleda’s home country of Switzerland, they have had a manufacturing base in the UK since 1925 and the company produce their cleansers and medicinal products here. The Weleda Calendula Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is free from mineral oils (such as petroleum or paraffin) and synthetic additives of any kind including colours, perfume or artificial preservatives such as parabens. Packaged in recyclable and eco-friendly PE, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Pure Bliss Organic Castile Soap, (handmade by Skin Bistro, £5.95, 100g
Nice smell, very mild soap and gentle on skin.



Baby Bath & Massage Oil, (Trevarno, £12.80, 100ml
Could really smell the essential oils, soaked into my children’s skin quickly, and had a calming effect.
(Organic Farmers & Growers Certified).


Baby Mild Body Wash, (Organic Botanics, £12.65, 200ml
Mild scent, moisturised my children’s skin well, no need to moisturise after using. Easy-to-use pump was a good design and I used it on my kids’ hair as well.
(Vegetarian Society Approved).


No Scent Baby Wash & Shampoo, (The Green People, £6.89, 150ml (
Brilliant on sensitive skin, can use as a shampoo as well. Mild on my children’s skin and moisturised skin well.
(Vegan Society Certified and Social Association Certified).




Gentle Body Wash & Shampoo (Essential Care, £9.50, 200ml
Nice subtle smell, creamy texture with lavender.
(Soil Association Certified).




Calming Baby Milk Wash, (Maclaren Beginning, £15.00, 100ml
Lovely subtle smell of lavender, once you have poured oil into water it turns into cloudy milk. Cleansed and moisturised my children’s skin.
(Soil Association Organic Standard)



Rawganic Shower Gel, (Rawganic, £6.00, 200ml,
Rich texture and smell, skin felt smooth & moisturised after washing off.
(Soil Association Certified and Vegetarian Society Certified).


Skin Cocoon Body Wash, (Evolve Beauty, £9.99, 200ml
Nice smell, rich creamy texture and felt mild on skin.
(Vegan Certified).


Lavender Foaming wash, (Mulondon, £12.00, 150ml
Lovely smell of lavender, foams up well, skin feels clean and soft. Can use on face and body, gentle enough to use on my children’s skin.


Body Moisturiser

Power Berry Daily Moisture (Neal’s Yard Remedies, £22.50, 100ml,
Very light to touch, smells good, dissolves into skin very well with non-greasy feel.
(BUAV Certified).


Bella Bees sweet almond balm (Bella Bees,
These products use only natural vegetable oils and bees wax from Bella Bees' own hives in Bristol. This balm is very soft and you only need use a tiny bit to be effective. Made from bees wax, olive oil and sweet almond oil, it works great on babies’ cradle cap (rub on slightly more for this!) and smells lovey too.


Natural Face Cream (The Herbjar, £17.95, 50ml
Subtle smell of coconut, light cream you can use all over the body.


MSM face & body beauty cream (Raw Gaia, £19.99, 60ml,
This light cream made with Cocoa butter smells good enough to eat and dissolves into your skin quickly.
(The Vegan Society Certified and BUAV Certified).


Organic hemp seed oil moisturising cream (Yaoh, £4.79, 56g,
When I first used this cream it instantly made my skin feel moisturised and skin looked revived. Has a great smell and skin always felt soft and nourished.
(The Vegan Society Approved).


Aloe Vera Hand & Body Lotion (The Green People, £16.95, 200ml,
Rich texture, don’t need to use a lot, nice subtle smell of coconut. Skin feels soft and smooth.
(Vegan Society Certified and Social Association Certified).



Skin Salvation Moisturising & Nourishing Salve, (Pure Potions, £12.99, 60ml,
Great smell, soothing on the skin and lips. My son had cracked lips and really helped sooth and repair the skin.


Hand & Body Lotion, (Rawganic, £6.00, 200ml,
Good value for money, lovely smell of Rose, rich lotion that goes far once applied to the skin.
(Soil Association Certified and Vegetarian Society Certified).


Hemp Moisturiser with Shea Butter and Jojoba oil (Mulondon, £7.00, 30ml,
Very light to touch, nice subtle smell, and skin feels moisturised all day. You can use all over your body and face.
(Vegan Society Certified)


Satin Soft Body Lotion with Shea, Rose & Green Tea (Beyond Organic Skincare, £25.08, 150ml,
Lotion is light to touch, made skin feel refreshed and nourished.





Orange Flower Moisturising Body Lotion (Skin Blossom, £5.90, 200ml,
Great value for money, and good smell of orange, my children really liked it. Moisturised skin all day and absorbed into skin quickly.
(Vegan Society Certified and Soil Association Certified).




Relaxing Bath & Body Oil, (BalmBalm, £12.99, 100ml,
Spray it directly onto your skin or use itin the bath. This has a great smell of rose, and my skin felt nourished and refreshed all day.
(BUAV Certified and Soil Association Certified).




Skin Cocoon Body Cream (Evolve Beauty, £14.99, 200ml,
This body cream has a great smell of coconut, moisturised my skin well, and absorbed into skin quickly.
(Vegan Certified).



For more information on the ingredients in skincare products on the market today, check out this article in the Ecologist online


We'd love to hear your recomendations on companies or products that have worked for you and your family, please leave us a comment below.


Naomi Ross. Spring 2011. Shortened version published issue 68.

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