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Pukka Tea Tasting with The Spark team


Week One

This week we tasted Black Spiced Chai and Harmonise tea.

The tasters were Darryl Bullock, Vicki West (smeller only, Vicki doesn’t drink tea or coffee), Beccy Golding, Will Simpson and Kristina Lupton.


Black Spiced Chai: 'to warm and enrich'

‘Smells Lush’ VW

‘Really like the smell, it reminds me of my spice cabinet at home’ DB

‘I give it 7 out of 10 – I quite like it – thumbs up!’ WS

‘Its sweet without any sugar; flowery; smells like Easter. There’s also a taste of liquorice which has a little tongue-numbing quality’ BG

Turns out Darryl is a bit of a Tasting Supremo – good job he’s our food writer then, eh? – he correctly identified the other ingredients of cinnamon (the strongest flavour) and cardamom. He said the chai was refreshing and, out of the two, this would be the tea he’d choose.

Harmonise: ‘balancing for women’

Darryl (henceforth known as The Nose) correctly detects vanilla, licorice root and rose. He thinks he can smell chocolate but there’s none in it.



'Fruit' says Will

‘There’s a difference between the smell and the flavour’ BG

Others say ‘there’s a calming sense form the aroma’

‘a warming aroma’

‘Is there camomile in it?’ (there is).

‘It smells smooth, like ice cream,’ Beccy says, ‘and I think it would also be nice chilled in the summer.’

Beccy. April 1 2010


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