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Week six

This week we tasted Cleanse & Three Mint.

Tasting panel - Darryl, Anne, Beccy, Alex & Kris

Three mint

Organic peppermint, spearmint & fieldmint tea "to refresh & soothe digestion"

This stuff really is what it says on the tin with just 3 mint types –
pepper-, spear- and field- - as ingredients. The concoction is thought to create a ‘refreshing’ and ‘distinct’ flavour that, sharply (though slightly threateningly!) put by Alex, ‘attacks your tongue’.

Panel members agreed that it’s the ‘tea-world’s version of chewing gum’. This theory stands strong as the drink does seem to carry the ‘eucalyptic’, menthol & passage-clearing quality of Wrigley’s Airwaves.

Beccy observed the potent formula in her mouth, nose and belly – concurrent
with the tea’s mentholating action. This tea lingers – refreshing but
pungent. When it comes to likeablity, it seems to follow the Marmite-effect:
you either love it or hate it. One member of the panel was clearly not a fan
- defining Three Mint as ‘liquid toothpaste’, however, others thought it a
traditional & satisfyingly good, rich flavour.

Verdict: divided.



Organic nettle, fennel & peppermint tea "to purify your skin"

One thing this tea did do is draw attention to the tasting-team’s love for the smell of freshly cut grass! Reactions included: ‘Smells tree-like’, ‘grassy’ and ‘has woodiness to it’. Whether we love to drink this bushy smell, however, is questionable. In saying that, the majority favoured its ‘yummy’, ‘pleasantly weird’ and even ‘swiggable’ disposition.

This week, the Nose instantly noted Cleanse’s over-riding mint smell. He
also thought it light, refreshing and potentially nice cooled. Fennel and
liquorice were correctly identified, and Darryl thought this one his favourite of the two.

Holding true to its title, the panel generally felt cleansed as they drank.

Sweet, deep green notes were identified as well as the opinion that it
‘tastes like a really good digestive tea’. Alex appreciated its certain je
ne sais quoi, perhaps this was the curious ‘mushroomy’ bottom note that
Beccy observed. Anne pinpointed a nettle flavour - apparently once a regular
much-loved tea ingredient of the original Buddha himself.

Well if that isn’t a reason to try it, I don’t know what is…


Kristina - 29th July 2010


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