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Tantra with the School of Awakening

Review by Catharine Stott

Recently I was invited to experience a weekend of Tantra with Mahasatvaa Sarita and the School of Awakening. Sarita was initiated into tantra by the Indian mystic, Osho and spent 26 years in his community. She has been teaching Tantra in the UK for 12 years, to singles as well as couples, helped by a team of male teachers, in this case Suta.

Sarita and Suta

Sarita explained that many of the Tantra practices in use today are in fact based on the 112 meditations of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, an ancient Tantric scripture that was written down in India about 5000 years ago. These exercises are all about transforming everything the body can experience into a divine manifestation. It can be about eating, creativity, dying, love and relating – any part of life. Only six of them work directly with sex.

During my weekend I tried out various exercises, including delicate tea sharing ceremonies, gazing into the eyes of a lovely man for 10 minutes and then gently dancing with him, eyes closed, before holding him in my arms and then him holding me before we curled up in a ‘lovers’ embrace’ for another 10 minutes.

In another exercise we slowly, carefully, massaged each other’s chakras (the body’s seven main energy centres). I’d only met the man I was working with that weekend, but for that time, I felt like I knew him deeply. It was a rather beautiful experience. After an entire weekend of Tantric meditations, I felt blissed out and in love with the world.

She said, “There is a very beautiful Tantric saying: the lotus of consciousness arises out of the mud of our base instincts. No mud, no lotus. Sexuality and animality is the rich fertilizer from which arises the possibility for spiritual awakening. Sex lived with awareness is the door leading to superconsciousness. Perhaps the reason why the Western mind has become fixated on the sexual aspect of Tantra is because we have undergone 2000 years of sexual repression.”

I’ve been looking for a new spiritual path to follow for a while and for me, for now, Tantra is the way to go. Since that weekend I’ve been on two more six day courses, both pretty challenging. From those I’ve made a new set of delightful warm friends and am slowly working my way into a new community in Bristol – the Tantra hot spot in the UK. Friends are remarking that I seem more relaxed and open and I’m looking forward to the first UK Tantra festival, at Osho Leela ( in Gillingham, Dorset in August, where teachers from the UK and abroad will be giving tastes of their Tantra styles.


The School of Awakening

The School of Awakening offers courses and trainings in Tantra, holistic healing, meditation, raw food and detox. Sarita teaches seven levels of Tantra for couples and three for singles. The difference between the two courses is that couples make love (in the privacy of their bedrooms) as part of the course, and singles don’t. She also teaches online classes on the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.


Photos by Samapan, School of Awakening

Written by Catharine Stott, July 2010

Catharine wrote a popular column for the Spark for 14 years, which she now continues in a blog at


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